Basic IT Services

It’s important that if any issues arise with your online store, or there are changes you would like made, that this can happen. 

We specialise in assisting Small-to-Medium sized businesses with several basic IT services that ensure the continued day-to-day operations of your eCommerce store. Any questions? Come to us.

No need to feel awkward or embarrassed about any questions or queries you might have when it comes to your business. We’re here to help and we will explain everything in layman’s terms so that you can understand all the processes behind what we’re doing.

We will get your PC or business laptop setup with any and all programs you require so you can effectively run and manage your business. We will research and recommend what we think to be the best programs and applications for you to use.

PC setup

Unsure how to install applications and programs that your business requires? Or unsure how to remove those that you don’t use? Easy, we can either talk you through the process or do this on your behalf.

Application/Program Setup

Once we have your PC or laptop setup we will then teach you (using plain english) what each program does and how to best use it. From there we will then support you while you get used to operating them.


Should you be having issues or problems with any program or application we will look into what is causing the issue and either fix the issue or recommend other possible alternatives.


Not sure how to explain a fault or technical issue? With just a couple of mouse clicks we can remote into your pc or laptop and you will be able to show us what your concern is. From there we will show you the best way forward to remedy the situation.

Remote Assistance

We can set up your company email addresses and a shared and secure storage drive system for your business. This allows you to have your own email address that is professional and directly linked with your company name, with the storage drive system keeping important documents safe and accessible to those who have permission. We specialise in a range of platforms for this including G Suite, Zoho, and Microsoft.

Setting up company emails and storage drive system

Because of our extensive knowledge and background in systems and applications we can assist you with most basic I.T. related speed bumps. We pride ourselves on giving honest feedback and helping SMEs and computer illiterate people to understand what it is we are doing.

Other Basic IT Services

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